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The Best.

I’m not going to lie. Easy A is one of my favorite movies to watch. So funny. Also – I love her.

And in case you don’t watch Ellen… This happened. Now I love her more.

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4 Comments on “The Best.

  1. Oh man, I love Easy A. It’s one of my watch-again-and-again movies…and also, I love Emma Stone even more after seeing that Ellen clip. I might have to repost it to my blog!

    1. It’s seriously one of those movies I don’t get sick of. I have it recorded on my DVR and probably watch it at least once a week while I work. And isn’t that video the best?? I love that they said there was no music at all when she was doing it, that makes it even funnier.

  2. That’s so funny, I really like her she’s really cute. I actually did this to my principal at our “sr dinner dance” we had a jr prom, and then a sr dinner dance.. pretty much a prom but a little less fancy. so yeah, i have a picture of me dancing away inches from my principal.. im surprised it didnt end up in the year book.

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