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Tomorrow is Yard Sale Day!

There is something wrong with me. I love going to yard sales, but I think I love having them even more! Tomorrow is the day! Before we moved to Tehachapi, I think we had like 4 yard sales in one year. I’m not kidding. I’m a yard sale professional (ok, those really do exist and I am not really one) and I’m hoping tomorrow will be a giant success. We live on a pretty main street with at least 4 yard sales with signs that drive people right past our house, so we don’t even have to mess with putting up signs! Exciting!This is what my house is looking like pre-yard sale. We’re doing our best to get it all downstairs tonight. It’s kind of taking over.




Needless to say I cannot wait to get the stuff out of my house. I’m also hoping we do well profit-wise. We just found out about a nice $1600 repair we need to get done ASAP so now the money is going towards that. Luckily, I had already chosen this weekend and have been working on getting stuff together for the last week so the timing works out great.

Ironically, after the yard sale is over I will take in the loveliness of a less cluttered house and then I’ll be going to pick up a huge mess of stuff to sell on ebay. More on that later!

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