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Uncle Fely

At my wedding with my Lola, Uncle Fely, my sister and lots of cousins

On Tuesday I down to my grandmas house where my mom stays most of the time because it’s close to her work (like, 100 miles closer). On Wednesday was the funeral for my Uncle, well Great Uncle, I guess. I’ve always called him Uncle Fely because that’s what my mom called him to me. My cousins call him Lolo Fely (Lolo=Grandpa, FYI). I didn’t see him much, but he made it to my wedding and I saw him right before the wedding as well. However, I knew him well enough to know how great of a man he was. Sadly he passed away at the end of March after being sick for a while.

During his funeral and afterwards we heard many great stories about his personality and his huge heart. My heart breaks for his wife and children, but it seems they have amazing memories to help them pull through. It was mentioned that he would often sing Charlie Chaplin’s “Smile” to cheer people up and it has been stuck in my head ever since. I think it will forever remind me of him. The lyrics are so perfect right now.

Wednesday we mourned his passing and celebrated his life with family and good food. We looked at old photos and my grandma helped me to identify people in the black and white photos that no one else remembered.

Uncle Fely, you are so loved and we all miss you already.

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