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Veggie Stew & Biscuits

VeggieStewBiscuitsSo good. I had been wanting to try this recipe for a while and with the weather warming up, I was running out of time. Not sure stew and biscuits will work in the hot evenings of summer. Well, last night I gave it a try and boy, it was so good. Much better than I expected it to be. The full recipe is over here, but I made a few slight changes:

  • When my stew didn’t thicken up very much, even after the directions with flour, I added about 1 tsp of cornstarch to a little water, mixed it up and then stirred it into the stew. Problem solved.
  • When the stew was done, I transferred it into 2 baking dishes because I’m not so sure about my stainless steel pot in the oven. Also – we only ate one dish last night. So the other one is sitting in the fridge for dinner another night. Love it!
  • I totally cheated and used those refrigerated Pillsbury biscuits from the grocery store. It was a pack of 10, so after making Blaine open the package because when it pops open it startles me, I plopped 5 biscuits on top of the stew and threw it in the oven for 11 minutes. That’s what the package said. I checked after 9 minutes and the tops were browning, so I took it out early.

It was seriously the most delicious thing I’ve cooked in a while. Yuuum. I cannot wait to heat up the second half of the batch for dinner later this week.



Photo Apr 08, 6 54 51 PM

P.S. why does my bowl look like a giant white abyss with hardly anything in it? I swear the bowl was almost half full, but this photo makes it look like there’s barely anything in there. Interesting… Also, I had seconds.

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