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Fitness Friday // On a Sunday

I’m a few days late, but not without good news about keeping on track! I didn’t write down commentary for each day like I did last time, but luckily I’m back on weight watchers (yeah, I know) and I tracked my activity on there!

Monday: 50 minutes total on the elliptical, 10 minutes walking on treadmill and some weights

Tuesday: 35 minutes on elliptical and weight training

Wednesday: 35 minutes on elliptical and weight training

Thursday: 40 minutes on elliptical, 25 minutes on treadmill walking/jogging (mostly walking) and weight training

Friday: 25 minutes on elliptical, 25 minutes on treadmill walking/jogging (mostly walking) and weight training

Woo! Week 2 of working out is finished and I’m feeling great. Let me say something in regards to weight. I started off this journey at exactly 170.5 on Monday April 23rd. I’m so embarrassed to say that out loud because I feel like that is HUGE. My healthy weight range is 118 to 159 pounds, so I am technically in the “Overweight” category according to my BMI of 26.6. Though I doubt the scale will ever hit 118 (yikes!), I’d like to see myself at a healthy weight. My average for the last couple of years has been to fluctuate between 160-168. And on a day to day basis? My weight changes several pounds in either direction each day.

Now here’s the weird part. When I started working out 2 Mondays ago, I was 170.5. And I was 170.5 every-single-time I weighed myself for the last 2 weeks, literally. It did not even change by .5 pounds. Obviously in working out as much as I am, I’m gaining muscle and (hopefully) losing fat. I have no problem with that, it was just so weird to me that it didn’t change at all and I’m used to a 1-3 pound difference every time I weigh myself.

Now I’m down a couple pounds which is great, but more importantly I feel my body tightening up. Just a tiny bit and it may just be me hoping and imagining, but I’m going with it. While shaving my legs in the shower, I can tell my thighs are a little firmer than they used to be. After just two weeks! And those nice little cellulite dimples at the backs of my thighs? There seem to be less of them and the ones that are there are less obvious.

I don’t feel my motivation leaving like it has in the past when I’ve started a work out routine. Usually after a week my routine just kind of falters and it’s gone. I feel amazing about what I’m doing almost everyday and it’s becoming a part of my lifestyle. I actually just got back from the gym so this next week is off to a great start already!

If you’re just starting to work out or have been working out everyday for the last 10 years and have blogged about it, I’d love for you to link up! I love reading about other people being fit and healthy.

I’m about to go downstairs and cook some dinner. I’m thinking corn on the cob and something with spinach. We have so much spinach to use up, I need to find a good recipe!

Happy Sunday! Enjoy these last bits of your weekend.

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