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Our Weekend // On a Tuesday

Photo Apr 29, 11 31 28 AM
Me wishing I had guns to make this picture more impressive.

A little late on the weekend update, no? That’s ok. It wasn’t all that exciting to begin with. Which is totally my style! Saturday consisted of driving out the Blaine’s grandparents house to pick up a 1957 Chevy that Blaine is helping his step dad sell. We also hung out with his grandparents, mom and his moms friend for a bit so it was nice to visit with all of them. And we saw a snake! Haha.

After we eventually got home, we went to dinner with my parents to Don Juan’s which we assumed was a Mexican restaurant and had heard was delicious. It ended up being more like Cuban food and totally different. But it was yummy and they had a ton of vegetarian items.

Then on Sunday we had breakfast a little place down the hill from us on the way to Bakersfield to run some errands. We got a few things we needed at Target and Trader Joe’s. Oh how I miss those two places being just a few minutes away! We also stopped at a swap meet which had a lot of cool stuff, but we didn’t have much cash so we spent our money on a Strawberry smoothie. Yum! We finished out the weekend watching Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close with my parents at our house and eating pizza and lots of grapes.

It was the perfect weekend! Not too busy, not too boring. Just perfect.

Photo Apr 28, 10 37 26 AM
Blaine & his grandpa with the ’57 Chevy. Look at him being all scruffy and studly. <3
Photo Apr 28, 11 18 29 AM
Blaine doing his thing getting the car secured. I was terrified it was going to roll off while we drove.
Photo Apr 28, 1 05 15 PM
A snake!

Photo Apr 29, 11 17 54 AM

Photo Apr 29, 11 17 49 AM

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