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Playing Dress Up

I spent a good amount of this morning making a mess of my newly clean bedroom while I played dress up. We have a wedding tomorrow for friends Blaine has known forever so we’re heading out of town tonight. The wedding is at the location that we almost picked for our wedding, before we decided to go wild and use a unique location, so it should be fun to see what it would’ve been like to have a fancy shmancy wedding! I’m super excited!

With weddings comes dressing up! I’m at home all day, almost every day so having a reason go dress up is always fun. Since we’re on a strict budget I didn’t want to buy anything. Plus I have a ton of dresses I never wear so I just put on a little fashion show for myself and I have it narrowed down to the three dresses above.

The one shouldered dress with the crazy print is a dress I got over a year ago and never wore. The middle, purple, dress is the dress I wore as a bridesmaid in my cousins wedding. It has a really pretty lace back, but that means I need to find a backless bra or go braless which is scary to me. And the last dress is a dress I bought at least 2 years ago and never wore, but let me sister wear to her bridal shower. It definitely needs some ironing, which with also make it a bit less short. I’m so indecisive! I’m sure I’ll just end up packing all 3 and choosing on a whim tomorrow before we leave.

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