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Happy Birthday, Pops!


I’m not sure when I started calling my dad pops, but I do. On a regular basis. It’s kind of weird now that I think about it and I’m not sure where that came from. It was his birthday yesterday and we quickly (over 2 the last day and a half) threw together a little surprise party for him at a local restaurant. We’ve lived here for almost a year and a half and of course my sociable dad has tons of friends while I have zero. Figures! And some of his friends are my age, lol. It’s official, my dad is cooler than me. Between my mom, a friend of my dads and I, we got it to work out and he definitely seemed surprised and we had an awesome time hanging out, eating dinner and cake which I quickly made before the party and talking for almost three hours. As a plus, my little sister and her husband flew in today to visit so that made the day just that much more special!

Happy birthday to the best dad a girl could have!




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