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Our Newest Addition // 1971 VW Beetle


We went on a little adventure/rescue mission yesterday. By adventure I mean dragging a really long (like, too long) car trailer from Tehachapi into Pasadena with all the crazy LA drivers, spending about 2 hours trying to load this guy on in the sketchiest way possible, then driving back home while freaking out, hoping that it doesn’t fall off the trailer. We lost a hubcap on the freeway. Sad, but um… it could have been worse.

This little guy belonged to my uncle, who sold it to his uncle, who did some work on it but mostly let it hang out in his backyard. Sadly, he passed away a few months back and his family was looking to get rid of it. Blaine to the rescue! He’s been wanting an old VW for a couple of years now and this was the perfect opportunity for him. We drove down Saturday morning knowing nothing about it’s condition, not knowing what color it was or anything. When we got there we were pleased to see it was in great condition considering it was hardly ever driven for the past decade.

Blaine is out there already fixing him up as I type this. He’s been out there all day. I’m not going to lie, I kind of love this cute little car. It’s a manual, so I get to learn how to drive a stick, too! Who knows, maybe I’ll snatch him away from Blaine. This car is too cute for him. Plus, I’m convinced Blaine is way too big to drive it comfortably.

Want to know something funny? It was originally purchased by my uncle in Tehachapi! That was probably over 20 years ago and guess where it’s living now? Tehachapi. Such a funny little coincidence.

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3 Comments on “Our Newest Addition // 1971 VW Beetle

    1. We really are! They almost DONATED it! We got so lucky that my uncle suggested they give it to us because he knew Blaine loves cars. Thanks!! 🙂

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