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Working at the bar of the house I’m staying at. Yes, that’s vodka in the corner. No, I’m not drinking on the job. 😉

WORKING ON: Blog designs! I’ve had a ton of design projects because of my $50 August Special and I’m backed up for a couple of weeks. But I’m so thankful that within less than a month of officially doing blog design, I have so much work. I will, however, complain (again) that the internet here is killing me. I’d be able to work twice as quickly if it were normal.

THINKING ABOUT: Going home! I miss my husband and my furry children. I miss being home in general and whenever I’m away I think of a million crafty/home projects I want to do. It should be cooling down in the next month so I might have more motivation to get some fun things done around the house when I’m not dripping in sweat every second of the day (and most nights).

ANTICIPATING: My sister moving back! I know I’ve said it a million times, but I’m super close to my family and it’s hard having her so far away. Not like I cried every night for the past year hard, but like when we all get together I realize how much fun we all are and that it sucks she lives far away, hard.

LISTENING TO: The fan I have blowing on me and the weird fridge sounds. And my typing.

EATING: Nothing. I really need to hit the store and get some fresh fruit. Living at someones else’s house tends to mean lots of carbs and fast food. I feel pretty gross, but I don’t really want to cook.

THANKFUL FOR: How lucky I’ve been with blog design projects, loving my house and husband and pets so much that I want to go back and snuggle them, but also for this break away from home since we all know the dreaded winter months are quickly approaching and then I’ll be stuck in my house for days or weeks.

PLANNING FOR: Our one year anniversary in October! More on that later, but we’re trying to figure out what to do. I secretly want to go back to Puerto Vallarta, where we went on our honeymoon, but I know we should try something new and preferably a little less expensive. Any suggestions for a decently priced, end of October, 3-5 day getaway?

If you do a “currently” post, link it in the comments. I’d like to read it 🙂

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    1. Haha yeah, I’m taking a class right now to learn more. I’m only about a chapter in and it’s really helpful! I’ve known the basics for a while, but I didn’t understand beyond just the coding. It’s been helpful to learn HOW everything works and WHY it’s structured that way 🙂

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