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Life Lately // Pet Sitting + Random Stuff

Pool in Moorpark
pool at the house I’m pet sitting at

Hello from paradise! Slight exaggeration. I haven’t touched that beautiful pool, though I might head to target for a bathing suit and hang by the pool this week. I’m pet sitting for an ex-boss of mine just a few miles away from my old hometown! Did I mention she lives in a gigantic MTV cribs-esque mansion? I can’t really complain. Except that maybe the internet here is slowly killing me with how slow it is since they live on the outskirts of town and have satellite internet. I’m watching her 2 pups and 2 kitties until next Sunday! All the while I can still get blog designs done on my newly fixed laptop and my lovely husband has been at home shipping orders for me. What a guy, huh? He came to hang out over the weekend, but left at 4am this morning to head back home for work.

I got here on Wednesday so I’ve been here about half a week now. I’ve done a lot of just hanging out, a lot of work, a little shopping + just enjoying being out of the house for a bit. My sister moves back soon and I get to pick her up at the airport on Friday morning! She’ll be here for about 9 months while her husband is deployed. I’m excited to have my bestie back for a while! She’ll be living with my dad about 15 minutes away from Blaine and I. Eee! It’s going to be fun to actually have someone to hang out with besides Blaine and my dad in our little town. Making friends is hard as an adult, no school or parents forcing you to hang out with people ;)

Drugstore Beauty Haul
randomly went crazy on beauty products at the drug store!
Target Planner
Literally obsessing over this planner at Target. I already have one, but I think I might go back for it.
Pia Sleeping
Pia — one of the cuties I’m taking care of. Love her!
MY goodwill
MY goodwill! It’s been months since I’ve been able to go! I’ll probably post a little thrifting haul soon ;)
Christmas already!
It’s already Christmas at Michaels.
Glitter Heels -- mine were better
Don’t remember who these are by (Steve Madden?) but I glittered my wedding heels WAY better. Should I do a tutorial?
TJ Maxx Food Clearance Section Obsession
I have a weird obsession with the clearance food section at TJ Maxx. I bought like 4 bags of quinoa for $1/each once.
School starts soon! Taking some web design courses. I mostly know what I’m doing + google everything else, but was thinking I could still learn a thing or two and maybe earn a certificate?
Bucca Dinner
Dinner with the fam — wishing my sister a happy bday in TN.
Bucca Dinner
Dinner with the fam — wishing my sister a happy bday in TN.
Lucky — hogging the fan at the foot of the bed. He’s a cutie. Blaine thinks he looks like a Gremlin and calls him Gremmy.

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