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Life Lately // Photos

Grease. This face just cracks me up.
Wedding Print
I’m in love with this. The numbers are cabin numbers from where we got married.
Coral Nails with Glitter
My attempt at a glitter gradient. Fail! ;)
Sorry for the gross. My poor diego had an abscess that ruptured. It’s looking much better today.
Einstein + Blaine
Blaine teasing the dogs with a cookie.
The litter box I bought for my sisters kitty is too big for her. She’s so little! She has quite a time climbing in.
Deer at Dads
My dads house. Do you see what I see?
Deer at Dads
Still obsessed with seeing deer at my dads all the time.
I wanted to get out and yell at these people. They were chained, but it was still dangerous.
Outside Movie Night
From my friends surprise party for her boyfriend. Such a fun idea!
Friends Pup
My friends cute pup.

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