Mini Blog Facelift + Sponsor News!

I gave the blog a mini face lift to make it a little more clean and organized. I must say it looks a lot better. Can you spot the differences?

Old Version:

New Version:

Another reason for the change was to make a little more room in the sidebars because… I am now accepting sponsors! Obviously, I’m not the largest blog out there, however, traffic and readership has increased tremendously over the past month AND I’m sponsoring some blogs as well.

I am only offering FIVE paid sponsorship spots at a time. They are large 250 x 200 spaces and include a feature/guest post ensuring an amazing amount of visibility on Barker Zoo.

I am also offering “Newbie Shop/Blog” spaces for FREE! These are smaller 125×125 spots for those who are just getting started (and have less than 100 GFC/Facebook/Twitter followers).

Check out my Sponsor page for more info, I’d love to have you!

Pssst. If you’d like a little blog make over like the one above, check out my design page and contact me for more info!

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