Sponsor Giveaway // Beth from Arrow In The Eye

I’m super excited to introduce to you one of my lovely sponsors, Beth from Arrow in the Eye! She’s such a sweet, pretty lady — go check out her blog! I love all the amazing things she finds while “junktiquing”!

Your Name //  Beth, Bethy, B, Brow, Becupcake,  or simply Bethany.

About you & your blog/shop, basically whatever you have to say // Let’s see I’m 27, newly married and have the most awesome child (furbaby) ever. I’m obsessed with politics, books, tattoos, cupcakes and Apple products. I was born and raised in South Eastern Virginia but recently moved to the outskirts of DC to be with my Boston born guy. We met online and the rest is History. You’ll find that my blog is sort of a catch all for my brain.  My posts range from antique hunting & restoration, to light social and political issues. I’ll even throw in a giveaway or two each month.  Come over & check it out. I do aim to please.  

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of our life, what would it be? //  PANCAKES! No seriously I have an unhealthy obsession with them.

What is your dream job? // 
 I’ve actually held both of my dream jobs! Dabbled in politics and worked at Apple before it was trendy. Though I really realllly want to be a librarian. There’s something about leather bound books that I totally dig.

One random, silly fact about yourself //
 I’ve been doing archery since I was a little girl.

Blog: Arrow In The Eye // Twitter: @bethcupcake

Today you guys are super lucky and will get a chance to win a $25 Sephora Gift card, courtesy of Beth!


P.S. Congrats to Cathy F. for winning the last giveaway! Your info has been emailed to Tiffany so you can collect your prize :)

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