What I Thrifted Thursday // Back At MY Goodwill

You see, I lived in Simi Valley for-evs. Like I started kindergarten there and graduated from high school there. It’s MY town. And when I started to drive, I started thrifting. There is this Goodwill a couple of miles from where I used to live. I would go once a week, maybe twice. I did this for years. And now I’m having withdrawls. My new little town, which I love, sucks for thrifting. BUT since I’m pet sitting in the next town over from Simi, I was able to hit MY Goodwill for the first time in months!

I did pretty well. I got some clothes to add to my fall/winter wardrobe since I’m still not really used to dressing for our cold, long, snowy, frozen winters. They’re really not that bad, I’m still in CA, but they’re still new to me. In Simi I would wear flip flops in the winter on most days. Not so much in Tehachapi. Nope. I’ve been working on my cold weather wardrobe… it’s getting there.

My total for all five pieces of clothing was just under $20. Not bad at all.

Plaid Victoria’s Secret long flannel shirt (will be so cozy with leggings!), black & white striped First Issue button up long sleeve (LOVE) and floral button up. I’m not so sure I’m in love with the floral shirt yet. But I’m thinking it’s too intense to wear alone, so it might be cute under a jacket just barely peeking out?


Ezra Fitch jeans (pretty sure this was a branch off of Abercrombie for a while?) + Ann Taylor loft big chunky sweater. I’m pretty sure the sweater is new since there’s a little “L” sticker on it still.


And ok — these weren’t from Goodwill. They’re from Michael’s, but I needed to share. They were only $1.50 each and they’re so perfectly purse sized. I used to carry giant purses that would fit a real notebook, but not so much anymore. I’m obsessed with these pretty little notebooks!

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