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Why you should avoid long car rides with me…

I am probably the earth’s most annoying person to go on long car rides with. The only thing more annoying is probably going on car rides with me AND my sister. I pick the most random songs… and probably at least half of them are Disney. The other half? 90’s music. And I sing them. All. Every word. Even the words I don’t know so I make them up. And then I try to get Blaine to do duets with me. Then when he refuses (he always does), I will happily do male and female voices.

Just in case you wanted a taste of hanging out with me in the car (minus my off key singing), I made a playlist! Sadly, unless I’m not seeing it, took away the embed feature so you’re actually going to have to click this link.


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One comment on “Why you should avoid long car rides with me…

  1. I used to lisen to Cherry Poppin’ Daddies all the time back in the day!!! haha, love your random playlists, I’m the same way!

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