Window Shopping Wednesday // Cost Plus World Market

I have a confession: I’m super cheap. I hardly even go to the mall anymore unless I’m looking for something specific because I’m literally too cheap to buy anything there. I’m a total bargain hunter whether it’s at the thrift store (not so much anymore, the thrift stores here are terrible) or online.

I have another confession: I’m kind of obsessed with Cost Plus Word Market. I scope out their site just to look (you know, because I’m too cheap to buy anything) regularly. But I recently took the time to actually check out the sale section and dude. Just dude. Usually sale sections are full of crap. Sorry, but it’s true. But that is not the case here! I might actually be purchasing some stuff from this site once in a while now that I’ve discovered their sale section. Check out the serious goodies I found.

Terracotta Backyard Grill – $12.49 (in stores only)

 Elephant Dresser Knob  – $2.99
 White Wood Potting Bench – $34.99 (!! but sold out, boo.)

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