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Dreaming of Mexico with My Love





With our anniversary getting closer and closer I can’t help but dream of going back to Puerto Vallarta. We’re trying to figure out what to do for our first anniversary, but we’ve both agreed to keep it budget this time since we’re still recovering from buying a house, having a wedding + paying for a honeymoon all last year. But still, all I can think about is walking on the beach and through the streets, snorkeling, hiking, ATVing and so much more. It was truly the most amazing trip ever! We were there for about 10 days and while it seemed to be a long trip, it also went by so quickly. We did nothing but explore, eat and spend endless amounts of amazing time together. If only we could live in our fondest memories. Where ever we end up going in October, I hope we can replicate the amazing feeling and experiences we had in Mexico.

Right now we’re thinking mini road trip up the CA coast or out east (AZ area) then to Las Vegas since Blaine has tickets to go to some drag races the weekend after our anniversary and we already booked our (free!) rooms for that weekend.

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