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Guest Post + Random Stuff

First of all — go check out my guest post over on Danielle’s blog, Sometimes Sweet. I’ve been following her for years and shared one of my favorite meals: Chipotle Black Bean & Sweet Potato Tacos. If you follow me on Instagram (@aileenbarker), you’ve probably seen them several times. We have them a couple of times a month because they are amazing. Thanks to Dani for letting me guest post on her wonderful blog!

And to all of you coming over from Sometimes Sweet: HELLO! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

The rest of this post is sure to be pretty random. It’s 7:40 in the morning and I’m usually just waking up to my husbands (4th snoozed) alarm. I’m so excited that it’s finally been getting cool around here. Crisp, chilly mornings are seriously the best.

Over the weekend we went down to LA for a baby shower which was fun, but it was so, so hot. I think it was 100+ degrees in LA on Saturday. Speaking of baby showers, we have another one for my cousin this weekend and I volunteered to make Bingo cards. I know you can generate bingo cards on this website, but you can’t really design them to look nice so I’m making them manually in Photoshop and I have this awful paranoia that I might accidentally make the cards too similar so everyone all gets bingo at the same time. Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen.

My onesie design for the contest at the baby shower. I did not win 😉

Over the weekend our little town had a bunch of celebrity sightings because they were (are?) filming Hangover 3 in the area! We actually saw John Goodman at Subway on Friday. Figures, I live in the LA area for my entire life and almost never have any celebrity sightings, but then move to a small town 100 miles from LA and see one. I realize I’m a total creep for taking a photo, but to attempt to redeem myself I actually took it because Blaine was 100% positive it was him and I wasn’t so sure. So of course to settle the argument, I took a photo and posted it on Facebook. I didn’t win this particular argument.

Also — if you missed my post about my “shop my closet” Instagram account, follow me over at @aileenscloset. I’ve been posting a lot of my clothes and last night also started posting some vintage dresses. Again, if you don’t have Instagram you can totally follow along here.

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday! Mine will be full of blog designs and attempting to organize my office a bit more.

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3 Comments on “Guest Post + Random Stuff

  1. oh so exciting that you saw John Goodman! I seriously love celebrity sightings- especially when they’re kind of weird, random celebrities like him. And yah, it is DEFINITELY him- I could tell the second I looked at the picture who it was. Just found your blog and I’ve enjoyed getting to know you better. I’m excited to follow along with your adventures!

    new follower 🙂

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