Window Shopping Wednesday // Random Edition

Just a few things I’ve been lusting over lately.

#1 // Autumn Bloom Scarf at Kintage // I know, it’s from my own store and that’s cheating. But I really am lusting over it. I have only allowed myself to keep ONE thing from my store since it opened in March. Self control. I have it. Sometimes.
#2 // Fresh Wave Odor Neutralizing Kitchen Soy Candle // I’ve been loving candles lately, but have never tried a soy candle. This is just one of the many I am wanting.
#3 // Aqua Vintage Fan // This color! I’ve been wanting a vintage fan like this forever, but I can’t seem to find them around here. The color of this one is perfect.
#4 // Blowfish Shoes // Their Fall line to be exact. I’m loving these boots right now and also that t-strap wedge is so cute. I love blowfish. I don’t buy shoes that often (gasp!) but I have at least 4 pairs of blowfish shoes because I love them so.
#5 // Kitchenaid Mixer in Aqua // Again with this color. It’s killing me. I’ve wanted one forever, but now that fall and baking are on my mind it’s haunting me. Plus after finding it in this color? Love.

What have you been loving lately? I’d love for you to do a post and link it in the comments!

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