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Cleaning Up, Clearing Out

Over the past couple of years I have been obsessed with having less “stuff”. Less clothing, less clutter, just less. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it on here a dozen times, but that’s because I’m literally obsessed. Most people don’t get it at all, they don’t understand why I keep getting rid of everything.

I recently cleared out a good chunk of my wardrobe, but still have more to go. Thanks to my shop my closet account on Instagram and our yard sale, it was easy. The next hard part is going to be going through all the stuff that ended up back in my closet and choosing more to sell/donate. I don’t wear half of it so my attachment at this point is just ridiculous. Another thing I’m having trouble with is the collection of vintage clothing I have that I bought at antique marts, thrift stores, yard sales, etc to clean/fix up and resell on Etsy. I think I actually sold maybe 4 pieces a few years ago and then got busy with whatever else. I just don’t have the time and patience for it, but I don’t want to just donate it all because I did spend a good chunk of money and time on it. I’m trying to convince myself to just spend one day on it and listing it on Etsy so I can get them into good, vintage loving homes.

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