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Happy Halloween!

Our Halloween House

Happy Halloween! 

 While the days of

dressing up and trick o

r treating are behind me (sadly), I s

till love


I have the best memories of trick o

r treating with my family and then as I got

older, my friends. Walking all along our neighborhood and collecting ca


. I’m pretty sure when I was

younger ther

e was on

e guy who passed out tiny loafs of Wonderbread. I

hope I’m not making thi

s up.


rtunately, we live on a pretty busy road and the houses


ound us a

re spread pretty far a

part. This is our first

Halloween at thi

s house (last year we weren’t move

d in

yet), but we’re assu

ming we won’t get any trick


r treaters. But, my sister and I did take


time to do some las

t minute d

ecorating with some

fun paper

bats and pumpkins.

Stay sa

fe + take today to eat lo

ts of candy! I’v

e been snacking on

Sugar Daddies for the last

two days. 

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