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Confession: I Love Mondays.

Autumn Leaves - November 2012It could be the fact that I don’t have to get up at any certain time (I’m always up by 8) or go to any certain place for 8 hours (my office is down the hall and I’m usually there more than 8 hours), but I love Mondays. I know that’s not the norm for many people out there and I’m not sure when my hatred of Mondays slowly transformed into a love of Monday’s. Especially this morning for some reason, I woke up just ready for the day and the week ahead of me. In fact, what I love most is the fresh new week ahead of me with no “ugh, I haven’t gotten anything done the last few days” thoughts of the middle/end of the week. My to-do list is usually full and I’m always feeling motivated to get going.

I’m really lucky to be able to do things I love for a living. And to have a husband who doesn’t resent me (as far as I know) for following my dreams and not contributing as much I could be if I had a “real job”. I’m sure it helps him that my eventual goal for Kintage is to be a family business, me and him working together on something that is all ours. That’s the dream, people.

So I’m going to take this growling belly of mine downstairs to get some breakfast and then spend the rest of the day knocking out everything on my to-do list. Bonus points if I can tear myself away from “productivity” to get to the gym. I think I need to re-define the gym in my mind as productive as I usually have trouble pulling myself from my work to go when I’m busy.

Happy Monday!


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