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A Look Back At 2012

When 2012 began, I had been married just about two months and Blaine still lived 100 miles away. To start out the year, I made some goals which I’d like to reflect on in a post soon. I talked about why I’m a vegetarian in an extremely long post with some funny images. I started and held strong in my Sugar Strike Challenge although I remember my dad trying to tempt me into our weekly cherry pie a la mode treat several weeks in a row. Although it took me a few months, I finally shared a bit about our honeymoon in two posts. Shared one of my still favorite recipes, if you can call it that — it’s a sandwich.Disneyland Food!Disneyland: Star Tours & Space Mountain
For my 25th birthday, Blaine took me to Disneyland! On Valentine’s Day, I shared the story of how we met and how I “claimed” him the second he walked in. I shared my thoughts on small town life and about how we got rejected as foster parents. Kintage was launched in mid-March! We took a little trip to Pismo Beach and came back to a winter wonderland. Blaine and I got some baby chicks and we almost killed one. Almost.

The year took a sad turn when my mom’s uncle passed away. After having to drive Blaine’s monstrosity of a Jeep for a long time, we finally got ME a car. We had a huge yard sale and I shared some yard sale tips. At the yard sale I actually ended up selling the filing cabinet which was the star of the painted filing cabinet tutorial post which was probably the most popular post this year.


Over the summer we celebrated my mom’s birthday with a little trip to San Diego. Shortly after that my sister and her husband came to visit and we took a trip to mammoth for the 4th of July (parts: one & two). We inherited a 1972 Beetle from my mom’s uncle who passed away. Our first chicken egg and rooster attack. I did A LOT of pet sitting this past summer, I think I literally spent almost a month at my ex-bosses house over the course of 3-4 pet sitting visits. We celebrated our first wedding anniversary by taking a trip to Prescott, AZ and Vegas with a quick stop at the Grand Canyon.

As the holidays and the end of 2012 approached, we got a decent amount off our home to-do list. Thanksgiving was at our house for the 2nd year in a row and we got to spend it with family (this time with my mom and sister too!). I introduced you to Honey Boo Boo, a kitten we found around Halloween and were fostering. After having much success, I shared some tips on Selling on Instagram and some of my recent designs after officially starting freelance design. Then of course there was Christmas, which we celebrated several times with different families.

Now the holidays are over, we just celebrated Christmas and the new year is just hours away. I think it’s safe to say that 2012 has treated us well for the most part and that I can only hope 2013 follows suit.

Happy New Years! Stay safe tonight + I’ll see you in 2013.


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