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Life Lately


The last few weeks have been more full than our usual hanging at home routine. We had a holiday dinner with Blaine’s work at a nice restaurant that was so fun (photo above). I did a lot of baking and made two batches of caramels that I got a ton of compliments on. And not just the caramels, so many people complimented the packaging which I thought was cute, but didn’t imagine others would take notice.

I got an early Christmas present when (if you hadn’t heard on twitter or instagram) Blaine went and adopted Honey Boo Boo as a surprise for me. I just fell in love with her and she’d been there a month without being adopted, so he figured it’d be best for both of us to just bring her home permanently! I love that man more than ever and we’re currently working on (slowly) working her into the rest of our household with little tiny visits with our three, grumpy male kitties.

We opened our presents to each other on Sunday morning since we were leaving that day to drive down to Blaine’s parents where we were staying for the holidays. We had to bring the dogs with us and let’s just say it was a tight fit. Having Mila at my feet in the car wasn’t the safest and it gave me some anxiety so we’ll have to pack lighter next time.

Over the two days we were out of town we spent time with friends, family and even more family. We attended my mom’s side’s Christmas Eve party which is my favorite thing to do each holiday season. Then we spent Christmas day with Blaine’s family + my dad. Unfortunately my mom had to work. So we still have ONE MORE Christmas tomorrow sometime when my mom comes up to Tehachapi. There are still quite a few presents under the tree.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!! We’re planning on just hanging at home for New Years Eve, just spending time together and working on some stuff around the house.










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