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My Weekend

Our weekend was filled with being out and about. Blaine decided he wanted to go off-roading with a group of people including his step-dad. On Saturday morning I decided I wanted to tag along. It was a LONG day, but mostly fun. Except the part where Blaine’s Jeep kept overheating while we were in the middle of nowhere. Queue us getting towed up a mountain on a rocky, dirt road by another jeep then speeding down the mountain to keep it from overheating. It was an interesting day, let’s just say that.On Sunday we decided we (aka Blaine) needed to get more Christmas shopping done so we headed down to Bakersfield. And suddenly I remembered why I shop online and why I was done with my Christmas shopping. It took 20 minutes to just get to a parking spot and I swear we almost got into at least 3 accidents. While at the mall we got a present for his mom, a $10 gift for his office Christmas party which is this week and that’s about all we got done.

Once we gave up on shopping we headed home, picked up some food and went over to hang out with my sister, eat and play Lord of the Rings Monopoly. Monopoly is serious business in my book. I remember several years ago we were on vacation and my sister, my boyfriend at the time and I stayed up until 2am at some hotel in the Sequoia National Forest so we could finish a game. Last night’s game started out and Blaine was already complaining that he would lose because he kept going to jail and had less properties. He won, of course. I joked about making him sleep on the couch. And that was our weekend!

Off Roading

Off Roading

Yummy Salad

We'll get there eventually. Apparently people don't shop online as much as I thought. #target

Monopoly is serious business. Why don't we own regular monopoly? #monopoly #lordoftherings

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