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The post where I ramble and post too many photos


This new camera of mine is way too much fun. Sure, I take a lot of weird blurry photos that I didn’t notice were blurry until I got them on the computer. But I also take a lot of awesome photos, even of just everyday life. Basically my camera is 90% food and animals. That’s my life, I guess!

I’ve been thinking so much about my life and how I spend way too much time holed up in my office. Now that it’s getting warmer the sun and just outside in general is calling my name. We ordered more fence boards and I’m hope we can get that up this month as well as a new chicken coop on the side yard so we can lock them up there and let the dogs out back. And my GARDEN! Last year was a bust. I had one tomato plant that grew and then I started neglecting it when it wouldn’t bare fruit and the rooster was a scary, scary thing to me.

 I also want to work on the house some more. When we bought it, it wasn’t even livable. Now it’s livable, but there are so many things I want to do to it and work on to make it our home.

I’ve decided 2013 is going to be the year that I teach myself to step away from the computer after a decade of obsession. Of course I’ll need it for work, but there’s no reason for me to be on it at all times when I’m not working. The internet is an amazing thing, but the world away from the computer is so much so. I’ve gotten into such a routine of computer all day, then TV all night with Blaine. Sometimes even with a laptop on my lap. It’s pretty terrible.

My childhood was full of adventures, trips, camping, fairs, fields of wildflowers, day trips to the beach. Those are the days I grew up with and those are the days I live for. Now that I’m an adult it just dawned on me that I have to create those experiences for myself. I can no longer rely on mom and dad to give me those adventures and experiences. As of right this second, I’m stepping away from my obsession with technology and replacing it with real life.



IMG_4287 copy

The house has been making me so happy lately. Clean counters, flowers, pretty fake candles that my mom got us. The best thing about the candles is that they’re on a timer. You turn on the timer and they’re on for 5 hours, off for 19. So everyday from 6pm – 11pm they’re on which is perfect because we don’t sit in that room often, but it’s so pretty when I pass by and they are glowing and (fake) flickering.


IMG_4315 copy

Honey Boo Boo. Yes, that’s still her name. Though I usually just call her Honey Boo or Bubsy (no idea). Is growing so fast and is such a little pain in the butt lately. We can’t have any food out on the table or counters or she’ll get to it. She knocked over and got into a package of cupcakes last night. We now store stuff like that in the microwave and oven.



IMG_4237 copy


Just some of our current inhabitants. Mila, Grease, Olive and nameless chickens. The white chicken looks crazy disheveled because she just shook her feathers. Plus she’s missing a lot of feathers from being overmated by the rooster (awkward). So she lived in our laundry room in a crate for a week and now she’s back out there with a Hen Saddle on. Yeah, that happened. I’ll have to get pictures. It’s hilarious.



Some other inhabitants. Blaine and my sister who is here on and off. I keep telling her that she looks like she’s in an 80’s hair band. Everyone please agree with me.




I’ve had a lot of fun in the kitchen now that I’m in the habit of keeping it clean. I actually learned that I love to cook and try new things. I make almost everything from scratch for several reasons: I like to know what we’re eating and where it came from, it’s usually cheaper, I can do what I want. Now the biscuits above aren’t from scratch, but the gravy we put on it was mostly.


On Valentine’s Day I came downstairs to this. Best husband ever.




We got this 75 gallon fish tank at a yard sale a few months ago for like $40 which is insane. We finally started getting fish for it. The little blue guy is McLovin and the little yellow guy is Charlie Brown. And the giant monster creepy fish is Shark Face. Did you even notice him up there in the 2nd photo? He’s a total creep and he’s huge. I was telling Blaine how gross he is and then he started reading about that type of fish to me and about how they’re scared easily and are a peaceful fish and then I felt like a jerk. Now it’s ok that he’s ugly because he’s just a big ol’ softie. And yes, I did name all of them myself.

Longest blog post ever? possibly! I have a feeling I’ll be doing more posts like this of just total rambling. I have a hard time because I feel like I should be posting tutorials and all that other impressive stuff that other bloggers are doing, but I’m trying to just do what I want and journal my life via blog. Hopefully, if you made it to this part, you don’t want to scratch your eyes out and tell me to shut up. A lot of changes are coming to the blog in regards to being true to myself and how I’d like to document my life.


4 Comments on “The post where I ramble and post too many photos

  1. I love all the pictures!!! One of my dreams is to live in a house with a backyard so we can have chickens (yep, that is probably a little weird, but I would love fresh eggs).

    1. Not weird at all! That was one of the first things we did when we bought the house, got some chickens + built a coop. The fresh (and lots!) of eggs are nice since my husband loves eggs for breakfast. I used to eat eggs, but I’m weird about them when they come from my chickens which is so, so ridiculous. Oh well, more eggs for him!

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