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After the storm.


The year we moved here, 2011, there was a snow storm on moving day. We probably got over a foot of snow while we were trying to unload our lives from two moving trucks into my parents new house. The days we moved were Feb 19th/20th. This year on those exact days we, again, had a huge storm leaving us with a little under a foot of snow. Where we live we get a few inches of snow a couple of times a year, but taking into account our last few years here, it seems should plan for our biggest snowfall each year on the anniversary of our moving here.

We knew the storm was coming. Everyone knew it was coming and this town cracks me up at how everything shuts down at a few inches of snow while the whole northern part of the country would laugh at us if they only knew. Waking up to a world completely draped in gorgeous, white, fluffy snow is one of my favorite things ever. The world almost looks black and white, it’s just something I have to stare at forever to take it all in.


Of course one of the first things I did was let the dogs out for their morning potty break and to play in the snow. Mila loves the snow more than any dog I know. She bounces around, tries to eat snowballs you throw at her and even with her short coat she is willing to stay out there forever. Einstein loves it too and it’s the only time he doesn’t look completely terrified and cries to go back inside. Roxy loves the snow and doesn’t even notice the cold because of her crazy thick coat. One year it was practically blizzarding and she sat outside on my dads patio in several inches of snow, chewing on a bone until we made her come back inside, covered in snow.


After playing with the dogs, I shoveled a path from the front door to my car. I’m notorious for not shoveling and then not being able to make it to my car safely. One time I tried to meet the UPS guy half way and he had to catch me because I slipped on a piece of ice and almost face planted. Never again.

Then it was time to explore the back yard and check on some frozen chickens. I felt bad because it was so cold and snowy out so I warmed up some of our left over heart pasta from Valentine’s Day and brought it out to them, haha. I’m such a worry wart and feel guilt really easily when it comes to my fur/feather family.


When I got out there I discovered at least half a dozen birds stuck in their coop. Oh geez. So I spent about 15 minutes out there in the snow trying to get them out. The coop is less than 5 feet tall so I had to duck the whole time and hope that the birds didn’t crash land in my face. The sound of them flying around so close to my face started to freak me out so I eventually had to cover my face with my jacket. Meanwhile, I’m walking back and forth trying to shoo them out the door and yelling obscenities when they just barely dodged me. As if my neighbors don’t already think I’m nuts.

Those poor little birds were getting SO stressed out. They were hanging on the wire sideways and I could see their little bodies panting and panicking. It broke my heart, but I finally got them all out. Of course when I checked on the chickens again later, there were 8 more birds stuck in the coop. So frustrating. But it hasn’t happened since and I’m crossing my fingers it stays that way.


So that was our little snow storm. As usual it only lasted a few days which is what I love about living here. We get all four seasons, but not SO much of the snow that I get too frustrated with it. This past weekend it was still cool, but warm enough that we spent a lot of time outside on Sunday. My obsession with gardening is causing me to hope this is our last snow of the season. Please, please.


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  1. We got a ton too and my daughter was super confused. Our next door neighbor’s three puppies were covered by the snow when they went out and they didn’t like it one bit.

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