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snow day.

snowdayOne of the perks of working for myself is I can be as lazy as I want. For at least a little bit. Last night we had a storm roll through and woke up to almost a foot of snow. I can always tell it snowed without having to look the window because of how bright our home is. The days that snow fills our yards are the days that look the brightest and sunniest with amazing amounts of light streaming in all of our windows. Isn’t it ironic? The reflection of white everywhere is at the same time blinding and mesmerizing.

Tonight Blaine promised we will drive around and explore our snowy little town. I also made him promise that he’d drive me to the library tomorrow if the roads were still bad. I have spring garden fever and need some books to live by until the weather cooperates. Until then, I’ll enjoy my snowy little town. It never lasts very long.

So today I’m taking a snow day. I might sit up until 3am doing design work, I might get up early tomorrow and plow through. Either way, I love my job and the lovely, amazing (mostly) ladies who hire me to design their sites and let me live the life I’ve always dreamed of, snow days and all.

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