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Sometimes I get inspired on a new project (well, old idea that I have just started working on) and stay up until almost 3am working on it excitedly.

Sometimes I tell myself the last thing I need is another project. Usually I ignore that voice and do it anyway.

Sometimes I am so tired from staying up until 3am that I wake up at 9 and sit in bed until 9:30. So tired.

Sometimes I leave my house in total chaos like a vacuum plugged in, in the middle of the room and 2 couched pushed together because we never sit on them and I can’t get Mila to stop sleeping on them.

Sometimes I work in my PJs and never put on a bra. I’m so professional.

Sometimes Often the days I don’t put on a bra are the days the delivery guy needs a signature. Awkward.

Sometimes we have a chicken in our laundry room (again) until she grows her back feathers back and we figure out what to do with our overzealous rooster.

Sometimes I try to convince Blaine we should just go get more chicks and he shoots me down because he’s traumatized from one of our 3 chicks being a rooster. He insists it’ll happen again and wants to find 2 full grown hens who need a home. Fine.

Sometimes we run out of money in our new spending account (our new budgeting system. p.s. i love it so far.) and I don’t have staples like onions or flour or bread. But I have lots of carrots and potatoes. And cheese. Like 10+ pounds of cheese. I will not give in and use more money than was in our budget. I won’t.

Sometimes I take 3 different walks all in a row (like yesterday) so all 4 of my dogs can go on a walk. My dogs aren’t trained enough to all walk together nicely. I get too frustrated at the 160lbs worth of dog pulling me down the street and in 4 different directions. No thanks, dude. On the plus side, I got over 2 miles in during those 3 walks.

Sometimes I try really hard all day (like yesterday) to sit with my feet on the ground while I work. Usually I fail. Here I am sitting cross legged in my office chair. That can’t be good for you 8+ hours a day.


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    1. Me too! I already had flat feet which is bad enough for my joins. And hypermobility syndrome (muscles around my joints are super flexible) soo… I’ve come to the conclusion I might be bed ridden by the age of 40.

    1. Thank you! I’m in love with the way it came out. I think I might enlarge it and put it up in the house.

  1. Of course, I was intrigued by your chicken comments and thought I might point you in the direction of :o) If you wanted more hens, they sell as few as 3 in a shipment, mail them to you and there are chickens called Golden Buff (Red Star) on their site that are sex link chickens, meaning that after they hatch, they can tell the difference between the boys and girls based on color. It’s a “female guarantee”!! And if you don’t want more chickens but need some help for your girl with her feather problem, they sell saddles at My Pet Chicken, too. Look ’em up! Might help with lover boy!! BTW, LOVE that pic…the colors are stunning!

    1. Thanks! I’ve thought about ordering through them, but I’ve heard a lot of people who have had chicks die due to stress and I couldn’t handle receiving a box with a dead baby chick in it. It would kill me. We’re working on the new coop now, piece by piece, and keeping an eye out for people who need to rehome hens.I actually tried the saddles and they keep falling off! I’m not sure if she’s pulling them off or if they’re just coming off. I’m going to tighten the straps a bit and put them on her while she’s still living in the laundry room in hopes that she’ll get used to it and leave it alone once she’s outside again.

      Thanks for all the tips, Christy! I love having a blogger friend to talk chickens with!!

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