Weekend Link Love + an Outfit


 Top: Wet Seal (via an IG shop) / Skirt: Worthington (from mom in law) / Necklace: Kintage

I got a new camera a few weeks ago as an early birthday present from Blaine. I’ve been playing with it a little bit and it’s been kind of a frustrating process, but I’m excited about all the new features and possibilities. I attempted shooting my outfit today just to test out the lighting in my office, to see how everything works, etc. They’re a bit blurry, but I’m still excited about them. Excuse the wrinkly fabric in the back. It needs to be ironed so I can start to use it as a backdrop for Kintage. Also — remind me to do my hair next time I decide to take photos of my outfit. Sheesh.

Now some links I’ve been hoarding…

DIY Eye Makeup Remover — genius!

I love home made pizza and this no knead pizza dough looks amazing

The idea of a life list is so intriguing. I’ve already started on mine and will share soon. Here’s another.

The Fun Cheap or Free Queen. I love her.

This Etsy Shop! The most amazing elaborate cookies. Looks like they’re sold out of the grumpy cat cookies, check their sales. So good.

DIY Tea-riffic Valentine’s Day gift. So cute.

It’s so sad, but I just recently discovered the Alt Summit blog. SUCH a wealth of good info. Some of my favorites. So far, at least.

P.S. I’m thinking if I can get some photography skills down maybe I’ll be the new Kintage model. Honestly we live in a pretty rural town and I can’t imagine finding someone around here. Will that make me look totally narcissistic? My thoughts? I won’t have to pay myself, I’m available whenever the photographer (oh wait that’s me too!) needs me, I always told myself I’d use “real” people as models, etc.

2 Comments on “Weekend Link Love + an Outfit

  1. You should just ask your friends; I know some have volunteered. And one of these days I’ll get out and axtually visit your house and you can use me too! 😀

    1. Woo! Come visit! As for asking friends, I totally would if I still lived near all of them. But to drive 2 hours or ask them to drive 2 hours just to shoot a couple of photos is a bit much. I usually only have to shoot 1-2 pieces at a time.

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