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What I Wore // Polka Dots + Boots


You would think that owning my own boutique, I would be some sort of fashion expert. That could not be more wrong. I am an average girl who likes to shop for fun, flattering pieces and cringes if the price tag gets too close to 3 digits. I tend to shop sales and clearance racks. When I go into a store I beeline straight for the sale/clearance section and don’t even look at anything regular priced unless I’m looking for something specific. I prefer the term “frugal” over “cheap”, thank you very much!





Sweater (SO SOFT!): Kmart
Polka Dot Pants: Old Navy
Boots: Blowfish

I’m pretty excited about this casual little outfit. I felt great in it, but to make things even better a woman walked up to me and said “You look so pretty!”. I wanted to hug her! As much as I love dresses, when it’s chilly (or windy!) out I need to put on some pants. I can’t stand tights and rarely wear them. I was so exciiiited when I found these polka dot pants on clearance at Old Navy. They were marked $14, but when I got up to the front to pay they were only $9. I’m literally obsessed. And these boots? I’ve been living in them lately. Blowfish Shoes is my favorite for shopping for shoes online and they have great sales!

I’m looking forward to coming out of my shell a bit this year when it comes to fashion. And in front of the camera. I’m the definition of camera shy unless I’m the one taking pictures of myself. But I’m excited to hopefully share some of my outfits this year and show that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to have a closet full of clothes you adore.

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