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My Work Day Starts at 10


Working from home, for yourself, has it’s perks. One thing that could be considered a perk, but drives me insane is that my work day almost always starts at 10am. My mornings are filled with taking care of animals and cleaning. Something I’ve learned about myself is if I don’t clean first thing in the morning, there’s a good chance it won’t get done that day. Plus, that means I get to have a clean house all day rather than mentally punching myself every time I walk downstairs because I haven’t done “maintenance cleaning”.

When you have as many little creatures in your house as I do, you can’t skip cleaning for a couple of days. Every single morning I sweep. The kitchen, the living room, the entry way and the downstairs bathroom where the litter box lives. If I don’t do anything else around the house that’s fine, but every morning I sweep. If I skip a day you bet there’s pet hair, crumbs and cat litter and it drives me craaaazy. Most days I also swiffer the “dog room” aka our family room where the dogs are confined and shed like crazy now that it’s getting warm out. Shepherds, meh. Most days I start a load of laundry and finish it while Blaine and I are hanging out on the couch after work. But I have to sweep every single day.

This morning I tried to get up early (6:45 is early for me, ok?), go to the gym and get to work by 9. Biggest fail. I got back from the gym at 8, fed everyone and realized that I needed to sweep, swiffer AND steam mop. Did it in 40 minutes, hopped in the shower thinking I was going to be at least little early for my work day. Took 10 minutes to myself ready for the day and bam, sat down at the computer at 10am. Like, exactly 10 double zero am, like time was taunting me.

In a way, I don’t mind it. But the fact that the other side of the country is already done with lunch by the time I get started on work drives me nuts. I have client emails in my inbox that give me the worst anxiety and I feel like I have to get back to them right-this-second-or-they’ll-hate-me because I swear they’re all on the east coast and might think I’m ignoring them because their work day is more than half way done. Maybe I should only take clients in the same time zone as me. Anxiety gone. Just kidding.

I know I totally sound like the biggest baby. I work from home, I don’t have kids pulling on my shirt all day while I’m trying to get crap done, I’m a jerk, I get it. But man, if I have to start getting up at 5am to get to work by 8? Forget it, 100% not going to happen.


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