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April fools? No thanks.

shuffle-weddingYou must think I’m totally boring, square and stuck up if I don’t like a good April fools joke. Actually, if you play a joke on me and you get me, go you! I believed two pregnancy jokes today for about three seconds. First of all, the pregnancy April fools joke is just boring and overdone. I know some people are offended by it, too. Not offended here, just bored. I did say earlier that it would be a teensy bit funny if you actually ARE announcing your pregnancy because no one would believe it.

I’m a sensitive person. Not in the sense that if you play a joke on me I’ll cry about it, no. In fact, I might get offended for a second, but what I mean is I just cannot play an April Fool’s joke. I feel too bad saying something that someone might be excited or upset about and then “Hahaha April Fools, ya idiot!”. Talk about playing with someones emotions. Then again I’m just overly sensitive and empathetic by nature. If you can play a good ol’ joke on someone, I’m jealous.

Happy April Fools Day. (Is that something we say? Like Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, etc? I don’t think so. Oh well)

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