Brick and Mortar Dreams



It’s always been in me, the entrepreneurial spirit. The wantneed to do my own thing. Kintage and my design business are a reflection of that. Hullabaloo Pet, Neelia’s Nook, an ebay store at 16 and a few other businesses of the past are a reflection of that. While Kintage’s online presence is growing, slow and steady, all I can do is dream. I dream of 100 orders a day going out to 100 excited women who are so excited to see their order on their doorstep. I dream of hiring a team of fun to be around, hard working girls with creative spirits and big hearts. I dream of my sister’s husband getting out of the army and convincing them to move close to family with a promise of jobs at my thriving family business.

But those dreams are all big, big dreams that will take time. Right now I dream of a little Kintage shop in our little town. A treasure among Kmart, antiques and cowboy boots. One where all the young ladies of our town can come, hang out and buy something pretty. My own little store where I make the rules as I go, find friendships with my customers and fill it with the loveliest things.

Right now it’s still a dream. I’ve been talking to landlords and realtors off and on to find the perfect space and I may have found it. I also may have negotiated the rent down a whole lot in exchange for putting in floors and painting myself. But the rent is still more that I can afford to invest at the moment in addition to all the other items a new storefront would need. So my tiny little store will have to continue to be a dream, but until then I’ll keep gathering inspiration.

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