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How is 2013 almost half way over?

Blaine locked himself in the new coop by accident and I wouldn't let him out until he let me take a picture of him. This is all I got.

Time is just OUT OF CONTROL lately. Are we really more than half way through April? Where the hell did the first half of 2013 go?! The last few weeks have especially felt to go by SO DAMN FAST. This past month has already been Kintage’s best month BY FAR. The design biz is doing well and I’m working with some amazing women on their blogs/sites.

We’re having yet ANOTHER yard sale tomorrow. I don’t even know how we have this much crap, seriously. It’s mostly clothes, but a bunch of other stuff too. I hope people buy it all. It’s tough when I have stuff that’s BRAND NEW with tags that I know I won’t be able to get even half of what I paid, but whatever. I just want it out, please!

I just want to say that… my office floor is almost clean enough to vacuum. Not that I want anything to do with that business right now, but it’s getting there! Moving it over from a craft room/office to just an office/kintage headquarters. Once the yard sale is over we’ll be transforming the guest room that is literally piled with junk into the stock room for Kintage. I have pets, dude. But pet hair and a clothing boutique do not mix so I’m pretty anal about checking everything before it goes out, keeping the animals away from everything, etc. But I’m in my office ALL DAY and my poor little furry creatures are lonely without me, so I can’t bare to lock them out while I’m in here. Once we have the guest room set up as the stock room we’ll be good to go!

OH! I held interviews for an office assistant earlier this week! I know who I’m going to hire and I’m excited to call her up next week and let her know. It’s just a few hours 2 days a week to start, but if this past month is any indication of future success I’m going to need her more than ever soon! It’ll be nice to focus on the things I need to focus on to grow Kintage.

Can you tell this post is just a total mind dump of crap I’ve been thinking about lately?? I failed my dietbet. Don’t judge. The weight I did lose is still gone, though. Nowhere near bikini ready, though. Like I always say, I’m not looking to be a model just healthy & comfortable in my skin! Speaking of comfortable in my skin, using myself as a model for Kintage has helped with that. I’m a REAL, NORMAL person and I’m excited to move in that direction when hiring models in the future. Let me just say, I put an ad out there for models and the pictures some girls send. Let’s just not even go any further with that, not ok. When an ad says “girl next door type” maybe sending a half naked photo isn’t the best idea, no?

P.S. there’s a bit more “naughty language” in this post than I’d normally allow. But hey, this is my blog and I’m typing how I talk from now on instead of throwing rainbows and unicorns at you to cover up the crap I’d really say.

Honey Boo & Grease #petstagram

Breakfast and cleaning this morning. (Smoothie: apple, orange, mango, kale, splash of almond milk) #greensmoothie

After looking for matching nightstands for months I scored these nightstands at Target for $24 each (originally $80!) #latergram #target #imcheapsowhat

I LOVEEEE TARGET. Why can’t they open a target here? What is all this Walmart talk? No. I got these end tables on clearance for $24 each, regularly $79.99. I’ve been looking for months for decent, matching end tables. Even some thrift stores were asking more then $24 for end tables. Glad that’s over with. No more crap on the floor next to the bed!

One comment on “How is 2013 almost half way over?

  1. Oh how I have missed your posts! I just realized yesterday that I hadn’t seen a post of yours in so long!I too feel like time is flying by SO quickly! It is so crazy… But I am so glad to hear Kintage is doing so well, congratulations 🙂

    P.S. The fact that your hubby locked himself in the coop in too funny. I laughed pretty hard!

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