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Embarrassing Moments.

Blog Everyday in May: Day 10, Friday: Most embarrassing moment (s). Spill.2-2-13-whatiworebloops

Is it normal to be asked about your most embarrassing moments and not be able to come up with any? I don’t know if it’s just that I really don’t have any or if they were really so traumatizing that I blocked them from my memory. Ok so I won’t call this my most embarassing moment, but I thought of it the other day because we got some artichokes in our Abundant Harvest box.

We were on a trip with some friends and we were out to dinner. I ordered an artichoke as an appetizer. When it got to the table I just casually picked off a leaf (is that what they’re called?) and went to town. I just threw the whole thing in my mouth without thinking. If you’ve ever had an artichoke you know that’s not how you eat them. I don’t know WHY or what I was thinking. I swear I had like a brain fart and then everyone laughed at me and for some reason I proceeded to pretend that’s how I always eat artichokes. It was one of those moments that you look back on and go “um… why didn’t I just laugh with them? Why did I feel the need to cover for myself?”

I know, that’s kind of a pathetic excuse for an embarrassing moment, but fo’ reals I can’t think of any. This is not me pretending I don’t have one because I don’t want to tell people, I really can’t think of one. I’m sure I’ll think of one within hours of posting, but as of now? That’s all folks!

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