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My Life in 250 Words

I love blogging, but time gets away from me and the fact that I spend hours going through/editing photos for posts makes the process take longer than it should. I’m joining the Blog Everyday in May challenge this month & I’m excited to just get back to blogging on the regular! To begin? My life in exactly 250 words.

I was born on February 11th, 1987 in Los Angeles. My earlier years were spent chillin’ at the g-ma’s house with half a dozen of my cousins. We moved to Simi Valley, a place I still consider my hometown, when I was 5 and shortly after my sister was born. Those were the good ol’ days. Our little house, playing with the neighborhood kids and lots of family vacations. Throughout school I did “average”, I had a small group of friends that changed slightly as I worked through elementary school through high school. After graduating I went to a community college, met my now husband at a party, moved to Sacramento with him for about a year then moved back to our hometown. After a few years of random jobs and random living arrangements, we got engaged Christmas Eve 2010 in front of my entire family and got married October 22nd, 2011 at Camp Seely, a place where I had spent many weekends throughout my childhood. Our wedding was perfect for us: casual, outdoors, diy. Quick fact: the zipper on my wedding dress broke the night before our wedding. Luckily my mother in law knows how to sew. After we got married, we lived apart for almost a year while Blaine worked in the LA area and I lived with my family. Now we live in Tehachapi together in a home that is a constant work in progress with our dozen pets and we love every minute of it.

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