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Reading: Oh man, nothing. Technically I’m still working on 5 Hour Work Week. But I don’t have anything on my fun summer reading list. Anyone have any easy summer reads? I say that like I’ll be chilling at the beach/pool reading. Ha, I wish! Maybe I’ll pick up one of the paperbacks that have been sitting on my bookshelf for the past few years. We yard sale pretty often and I’ve probably collected 100 books I haven’t touched yet. I’ve been banned from even looking at books. They are my weakness and always less than $1 at yard sales which is so tempting.

Listening: Fall Out Boy. Don’t judge. I posted some photos from “the best summer ever” on facebook yesterday which caused the longest (and most hilarious) conversation between my friends and I on all of the photos via comments. Then Blaine and I watched Stick It (there are fall out boys songs in it) and all the memories started flooding back. And yes, you can refer to “the best summer ever” with any of my close girlfriends and they’ll know exactly which once you’re talking about because we still talk about it 6 years later. Pretty sure Fall Out Boy’s album from 2005 will be on repeat for at least a week. My heart aches to go back in time and relive those days again!

you’re welcome.

Thinking about: I’m a little stressed because I committed to have a booth at a craft fair/market type place in town every Thursday this summer. what was I thinking? Well, I know I was thinking this is a good way to interact with the community and see if there’s any interest in a retail store. Plus, I sit at home all day working so getting out of the house and interacting with people who aren’t my husband for three hours a week could be a good thing. The first market is next Thursday and I still need to figure out how to decorate/set up my booth, etc. That part sounds fun so why am I procrastinating?


Eating: Now that it’s getting warm out (fast!) I’m back to eating my California Sandwiches! I’ve also been having fruit smoothies for breakfast everyday. My smoothies generally consist of any frozen or fresh fruit + almond milk + greek yogurt + bee pollen. So, so good. I love warm weather because all the fresh, healthy foods that I love are even more appealing.

Watching: I’ve been working my way through Desperate Housewives a second time. I watch a couple of episodes everyday in the background while I work. I need to get out of that habit because I think my productivity suffers, although I’m less stressed lately so maybe it’s helping. I just finished this weeks episode of The Bachelorette. It took me 2 days to get through it because I actually have to be paying attention so I honestly watched it like 20 minutes at a time. I really like Des, buuuut I feel like she’s enjoying ALL the men too much. Not that I’m a prude, not at all, I just mean… I don’t know. She doesn’t seem as serious as much as she seems like she’s enjoying all the fun having a handful of men to make out with. Is it just me? P.S. I know it’s probably because we haven’t really seen much of everyone but I love Brooks and Brandon so far.

Loving: Our garden. It’s pretty much a fail/to be determined still, but all I know is one of our sunflowers opened up. So there. Except those are the plants that are doing the best and Blaine was the one to transplant them, but I’m choosing to be excited anyway. OH and I planted some onion bulbs and forgot about them until they started sticking out of the soil. I still don’t know anything about how they grow and when to pick them, but I’ll figure it out. Today I picked up wildflower seeds. Our plan is to turn the soil on our hill, throw seeds at it and see how that goes. Oh and water it, that too. There will still be a few weeds, but I’m sure I can overlook that if there are bunches of wildflowers, right? It’s funny, where I grew up backyards are landscaped with built in BBQ’s and perfect grass. Here? It’s a mixture of nature and landscaped, but mostly nature and although I love it I do miss the manicured lawn and backyard for entertaining at my parents old house. And the pool that we hardly ever touched which I now would kill for!


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