Free Social Media Icons + Weekend Link Love


Download (zip files):  Black // Pink // Navy

I totally cheated this week and so many of my links are from other “link love” type posts. Don’t judge me, the ladies who posted these just have good taste in links. Taste in links — I guess I just made that a thing.

Our weekend plans are to hang out at home. I have a lot of cleaning I’ve neglected (what else is new/how boring am I?) and I’m going to do my best to get outside and do something active this weekend like take a long walk or a bike ride. What are you plans for the weekend?

The silliest video. Try watching it and not laughing.

19 things to stop doing in your 20s. (via campfire chic)

I never paid much attention to how much models are airbrushed, but the one of Britney Spears was a surprised me! (via kaelahbee)

I’ve decided that owls cannot possibly be real. Seriously. (via kaelah bee)

14 reasons to love Leonardo Dicaprio.

Um. Yes. Thank you DJ Tanner. (via sometimes sweet)

I’ve spent hours on this new-to-me blog. Love all her natural hair/beauty posts!

Book hangover. I get those more often than your typical hangover.

This song/video brings me back. And half the song reminds me of a bloggers sidebar “about” blurb.

Have I mentioned how much I love Alt Design Summit’s blog? If not, I do. Lots.

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