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Our Weekend in Photos

Music in the ParkThis past weekend weekend was full between yard sales (and the items I WISH I got: bike & vintage toy fridge), music in the park + Subaru summer solstice (car show). Blaine and I have already made a pact to take it easy and hang out at home next weekend. I’m thinking lots of naps and wasting the day away watching Netflix with maybe a bike ride thrown in.

Yard Sale Loot

Vintage Toy Fridge at Yard Sale

Bike at Yard Sale

Roxy, Ralph & Einstein

Tehachapi Music in the Park

Us at Music in the Park

Music in the Park

Subaru Summer Solstice S3

Kogi Truck Tofu Burrito

Subaru Summer Solstice S3

Coconut Water

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! What did you do this weekend?

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