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2013 Goals Update // 52. 12. none.

Remember back at the beginning of the year when I posted my goals? No? That’s ok, here you go. My goals were 52 new recipes, 12 new habits & no more debt.

52 New Recipes

Honestly, I have not been keeping track at all. We have tried a lot so I will list what I remember:

  1. Vegetarian Biscuits & Gravy
  2. Zuchinni Lasagna
  3. Home made stirfry sauce
  4. Vegetarian Sloppy Joes
  5. Breaded Eggplant
  6. Garlic Fries
  7. Apple chips (does that count?)
  8. Carrot Cake
  9. Stuffed Mushrooms
  10. Banana Oatmeal Muffins (fail)
  11. Kale Chips (does that count?)
  12. No Knead Pizza Dough
  13. Garlic Scape Salad Dressing (I always think they’re called Snapes. HP fan right here.)
  14. Tomato soup w/ veggies
  15. Mock vitatop muffins
  16. Quinoa stuffed bell peppers

So basically what I’m saying is I’m about 36 recipes behind and I can totally catch up by the end of the year now that I actually have a list. I might have missed some, but a big thank you to good ol’ instagram where I share way too many food pics.

12 New Habits

This is where I failed the most ever. I think I did lemon water in January, hated it. Then in Feb I’m pretty sure my new habit was to wipe down the sink every time it’s used and I still do that! Victory! I love it, you should try it. My kitchen seems 100% cleaner just by having a clean, dry sink. By March I had totally forgotten this was one of my goals. Now, we’re half way through July so I’m going to try to stick to a new habit today through the end of the month. New habit of July? Five servings of fruit & veggies daily. I used to be so, so good at this but as I’ve gotten busy I’ve been eating more junk. I’ll be back at the beginning of August with a new habit. Let me know if you have any ideas or if you’d like to join me each month!

No Debt

I’ve honestly been battling with this since I was 18. A lot of it the same debt. But I’m excited to say we’ve made a HUGE dent in it. I’m mostly focusing on credit card/line of credit debt. At the beginning of the year I had 3 credit cards with balances. This year so far I’ve been able to get rid of one and the other should be paid off in a month or two. That last one is a biggie at $5,000, so it might take a while, but it’s still my ultimate goal to be free of credit card debt before 2014.

How are your 2013 goals going? We often set a few at the beginning of the year and then completely forget about them, I know I did until my cousin commented on the post asking for an update. So here’s me telling you to go find that Taco Bell napkin or piece of scrap paper you jotted down your goals on, hold yourself accountable and get back on track!

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