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a few small peeks at my life lately

If you follow me on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve seen most of these. Ever since I started posting regularly on the Kintage instagram I’m always logged in there and I’ve totally neglected my personal account. But I’m trying to log in and share on there more as well.

Life has been busy lately, but I’m pretty sure I say that every other time I post. I’m sitting here after 10 hours on the computer and I can confidently say the last 3+ hours have been useless. I’m in this state of “I need to be productive”, but my brain is just exhausted and cloudy so I’ve just been in the vicious facebook, twitter, pinterest, bloglovin, check email cycle for hours now. Yikes, I think it’s time to log off and either hit the sheets or at least cuddle up with B on the couch while he watches TV and I continue the vicious social media cycle on my phone.

I have my booth at Jennifer’s Terrace tomorrow for Kintage and it’s just exhausting. We get ready and set up for an hour, but then are only open for three hours. I haven’t made as much as I had hoped, but I am getting a lot of feedback and insight about where to go with Kintage next from actually being able to interact with people in person rather than online. I’m planning some big changes over the next month and I’m pretty excited about it! But for now? Time for relaxing.

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