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The Hair Dilemma

haircutdilemmaI did it. I made an appointment to get my hair cut on Friday. The problem is, I’m not sure what I want to do yet. I’m smitten with the long bob styles with and without bangs, but I’m just not sure if I can pull it off. Plus, I haven’t had my hair anywhere near my shoulders or above in over 10 years so the thought of chopping that much terrifies me! Long hair is my thing. But it’s summer, it’s hot and I literally wear my hair up all day because it’s a nuisance. Either way I’m chopping at least six inches off, which really isn’t much. Want to bet I’ll come home with the hair style above and to the right because I’m too scared of change? Still gorgeous, but so typical. And I bet you it’ll still be up in a bun for the next two to three months.

What do you think? Am I totally insane for being scared to cut my hair short? I’m logical enough to know it grows back, but I’m paranoid enough to think if I hate it I will want to cry for the next few years while it does. Plus, I think Blaine might leave me if I cut off too much, he loves my hair long and has never even seen it short. Heh. First world problems, right?

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