Weekend Link Love

It’s the weekend, it’s the weekend! I plan on having a relatively relaxing, lazy weekend and I hope you do too!


If you aren’t tired of my obsession with simplifying, here are some links: space, feng shui to help cut clutter, walk away

Dream towns in California. The next place we live will be near the beach. I promised myself.

Why did no one tell me about Society6? Amazing.

The story about a dog who saved a kitten? I cried.

I’ve been lazy about grocery shopping lately, so My Fridge Food has been helpful!

Added to bucket list: work abroad. Some of my favorites: Work on a tea farm in Nepal, work with sled dogs in Norway, care for rare ponies in Greece

Just because you remember it, is it true? This blog post cracked me up.

From the archives: A Year of Small Town Life (Feb 2012) & We’re Engaged!! (Jan 2011)


Happy Weekend!


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