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sometimes business is personal


I have a secret to share, one that I haven’t told anyone. When making the decision to close Kintage I looked at so many different factors. How were sales? Could I make a living off of this? In comparison to web design what is the time and money commitment? I’ve been telling everyone I closed Kintage merely because I didn’t have the time to run both Kintage and do web design, so I had to choose one. But I have to share something: there’s one other big reason that had been on my mind for months before I shut down.

My life (everyone’s life) is ever evolving. For the last few years I’ve been moving into this life of simplicity, of owning less, spending less, living more. Yet I spent my days telling people to buy a dress, a top, some jewelry because it would make a great addition to their wardrobe. People need clothes, I’m aware. But there has been this shift in my life, one where I choose to fill it with only what is needed and what is truly meaningful. No one needs a maxi dress in every color, let’s be real. I felt like a vegetarian selling hamburgers or a doctor selling cigarettes. In my life I was promoting simplicity and living a free, creative lifestyle and in my business I was promoting materialism and buying unnecessary things. For the last few months it pained me to try and make sales. I was telling people to buy more stuff which is totally against everything I believe in.

Passions change, lifestyles change. Though I do struggle with it occasionally, I’m no longer the girl who wants to “buy all the things” because it makes me feel good about myself and my life. The day I announced I was closing Kintage and would be doing freelance design full time a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I felt like I could breathe. I no longer had this dirty secret and I was being my authentic self. I’m now able to spend my time on things that I am passionate about and I could not be happier. If you have something that you feel is dragging you down, re-evaluate and do some soul searching, I highly recommend it.

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