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Pacific Coast Road Trip // We’re Off!

New Oregon welcome signLet the road trip commence! After stressing for the past week over a pet sitter since Blaine’s mom wasn’t able to do it anymore and we weren’t able to get a hold of our regular pet sitter for several days, we’re finally leaving. Oregon (and maybe Washington?) here we come!

I’ve always dreamed of lush green landscape. Here in southern California green lasts about a month and turns brown for the remainder of the year. Blaine and I have been talking for years about possibly moving to Oregon (if I can suck it up and move away from family). The crazy thing is we’ve never even been there. The photos are always gorgeous and I daydream about a little house on a couple of acres surrounded by the greenest grass and tall lush trees.

We haven’t booked any hotels or made any plans. One person suggested the Tilamook Cheese Factory Tour and since Blaine loves cheese, I’m sure we’ll stop by there. My cousin also suggested Multnomah Falls and I’m sure we’ll check out the bigger cities like Portland and Salem.¬†Other than that the next 9 days are for exploring and not knowing what’s next!

oregon forest

Oregon overlook

Oregon Islands NWR

Salmon Creek, Oregon

Crater Lake, Oregon

Oregon Highway 58

None of these photos are mine. Photos linked to their sources.

One comment on “Pacific Coast Road Trip // We’re Off!

  1. So pretty! Enjoy your vacation! I have heard the Falls are beautiful, my Mom visited them I think on her last trip up there. Enjoy! Take lots of pics!

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