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Catching up, relaxing and prioritizing

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Is anyone else’s head still spinning from the holidays? I’ve been in constant “catch up” mind set. That basically means I’ve been stressed out, but so overwhelmed I’m unable to wrap my head around it all enough to do much about it. I have all these lists in my head of things that I need to do, people I need to email, etc. that I’ve fallen behind on over the last few weeks. If you’re feeling the same way as me this is your (and my!) reminder to slow down. Relax. It all doesn’t have to be done right now.

In addition to everything else: vlogging every day in 2014. What have I done to myself? My sanity? Filming throughout the day? Easy! Pie! (except that one day I think I only vlogged in the morning). Sitting at my desk for 3 hours at a time editing the video? Or should I say: waiting for my computer to catch up with me. I should’ve anticipated that. But, I didn’t. I started uploading on my regular youtube account and then realized I couldn’t change the URL to LifeByAileen because youtube only allows you to change your URL once and I chose a random one a while back. Tonight I made a new channel and am re-uploading the three videos I’ve done. I have several days of videos to string together and am working on that tonight as well.

And then there’s my new job – two days a week as the office manager of the dog rescue I was volunteering with. Right now I’m doing one and a half days at the rescue and a half day from home. I’m so lucky that it’s flexible, but who knew a two day a week job would throw all my current time management out the window? And as if that wasn’t enough, my gym changed the Pilates schedule, why? WHY. I’m in re-evaluation mode so I can figure out how to get back on track. Schedule building is on my list.

Speaking of lists, here are some things I need to remind myself I don’t need to do right this second, but keep thinking about:

  • Organize & put away the Christmas decor
  • Organize my office
  • Taxes (yep, I already started sorting)
  • A closet purge

And some things I’d like to get to immediately:

  • Build a base schedule to work with each week
  • Blog/video schedule for the rest of January
  • Catch up on uploading vlogs so I’m only on a 2-3 day delay
  • Take 30 minutes to tidy the office until I can really get into organizing
  • Make a list of everything on my “to do” list that I feel like I’m behind on (and prioritize)

What’s on your “to do now” and “to do later” list? Are you as mentally overwhelmed as me?

P.S. If you want to follow along with my vlogging, you can do so here!

2 Comments on “Catching up, relaxing and prioritizing

  1. I am so incredibly grateful that you stopped by my blog and left a comment because I can now stalk, errr follow you everywhere now, too. Is that creepy? I hope not 🙂 I feel as though we have a lot in common–fellow vegetarian and dog lover notwithstanding. Also, I first heard of Tahachapie (sp?) by watching Pitbulls and Parolees. Also, I’m a foster mama to pup #4 now. It’s incredibly rewarding but heartbreaking when I have to say goodbye. This one *may* be a foster fail ;)Anyway, I love that your list is so full (though obviously you need to allow yourself time to relax/unwind, too!) I’m inspired by this; particularly your blogging, which is something I’d love to do more of myself.

    Happy and healthy 2014!!

    1. Not creepy!! Thanks for stopping by! Awww I love foster fails 🙂 My 4 cats are all foster failures. Safe to say, my husband won’t let me foster anymore.

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