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IMG_5671Whatever-is-happening-with-the-weather-right-now and I have a love hate relationship. The warmth in the middle of winter is totally welcome. But at the same time here I am dreaming of spring and gardens already when I know I can’t start for at least a couple of months. Since we (ahem, Blaine) finished our fence last year, we can now put our focus on landscaping. We always talked about working on the front yard first. All we want to do is add some grass and some plants since, you know, it’s in the front and everyone can see it. But I don’t know if I would mind starting in the back yard. Screw curb appeal, I want to work on beautifying the yard I’ll actually use regularly and if that means a ghetto front yard for another year I’m ok with that.


Backyard wish list:

  • pergola (like this one)
  • larger veggie garden
  • grass on the lower part of yard
  • more trees!
  • fire pit

Nothing too fancy, really. We have about 1/3 of an acre and that’s quite a bit to tackle all at once so I think we’ll focus on the part of the yard that’s closer to the house and go from there. I have one raised bed in that space, but I’m considering moving it up on top of the hill so I have space for more raised beds. We’ll see how it goes.

¬†Am I nuts for wishing for spring and summer when we haven’t had much of a winter yet?

Vegetable Garden

Steve's 2013 Garden 1

perryDSCN1397Backyard Garden

Backyard Garden 2012

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