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the little home i dream about

my lola's house. dear family, stop calling it a tear down. i will fix it up & live there one day.As much as I regularly attempt to disconnect and just be, it’s a lot harder than it sounds. My hip was killing me, punishing me for skipping pilates for two weeks, so I ended up on my newly cleared office floor. Stretching out my hips, my back, turning this way and that way. No TV, no phone, just me, the most comfortable floor and Honey Boo (kitty, not a toddler with a tiara). I stretched and even after I was done and ready to get up, I didn’t. Who knew just lying on my office floor doing nothing would be the most relaxing thing I’ve done in months?

From my little space on the floor, futon to my right, desk to my left and kitty next to my head, my thoughts began to wander. Here I was relaxing in my office, up the stairs, behind a baby gate and around the corner from my husband who was watching TV in our family room. Last week we were in Vegas dreaming of living in the 4,000 square foot model homes we stopped to look at. Now I think to myself: How often would I see my husband in a house twice the size of the one we have now? Those houses are beautiful and we might end up in one someday, but if we do start going down that road please remind me – I want a tiny house.

I want a home where we’re forced into the same room due to lack of space instead of falling into the ease of being on different ends of the house doing things on our own that we could easily be doing in each others company. Cozy in the winter and with a nice yard to sprawl out in during the heat of the summer. A home where there’s no room for me to have a real office, though I’ll fight this particular thought later. There are these things called laptops that allow us to have traveling offices. One day I’ll do my work in the middle of the living room, on a rug amongst all the wagging dog tails, and the next it I’ll set up in a coffee shop down the street. Our hypothetical future children will learn to share: rooms, bathrooms, TVs, toys, space. Is it crazy that when I go into my real, true hopes for the future that sounds better than 2 living rooms, a closet the size of our current bedroom, 3 children in 3 bedrooms with 3 bathrooms and 3 TV’s to avoid arguements and sad to say, each other?

Getting back to the basics, a simple, fulfilling life is something I strive for daily. I want to do less, have less, not more, so that I can focus on what truly means something to me. Less, not more, in so many aspects of life is what I’m putting my focus into this year and just the thought of that puts me at ease.

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  1. My fella and I share a two bedroom apartment. The second room is our office/guest room. Instead of using our perfectly lovely writing desk in our perfectly lovely office, we tap away at our laptops and spread our notes around in the living room. Because we’re cool like that.I love our little space, and when we buy we will most certainly be choosing a cozy little bungalow over a sprawling mansion. Small spaces are comfy spaces!

    1. I love that! Right now I DO have an office and I love having the dedicated space, but I could definitely live without it. I agree that small = comfy!

  2. Sounds lovely! I miss the closeness of everyone gathered in the living room for the evening. Having less makes life so much easier.

    1. I agree. I honestly miss living with my parents. For several stretches of time during our relationship we lived at my parents house. There was always someone home, even if we weren’t all in the same room. The house just feels empty now without a lot of family around.And YES – having less, I’m obsessed!

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